5 Globacom Customer Care Lines For Glo Subscribers

It gladdens my heart to inform you of my latest discoveries. Yes,
there are more ways than one to reach the customer care centre of
Nigeria's second largest telecoms operator, glo. As a matter of fact,
there are five(5) ways I've discovered so far. Here they are:
(1) Call 500: This is a free self-care service. On this platform, you
get first-hand information about glo mobile services, tariffs,
migrating codes, promotional offers and so much more. Please note that
on this platform, you don't get to speak directly to a customer care
agent. Calls made to this number are free of charge.

(2) Call 121: This is a dedicated 24-hour customer care line. Calls to
this number are free of charge and you will get to speak with a
customer care agent.

(3) Call 171: This service is called "glo hurry helpline." Call this
number if you want to avoid being placed on a long queue on 121. As
the name implies, you will get someone to attend to you very quickly
on this platform. Calls made to this number are charged at N20 per
call. That means no matter how long you stay on the line, you will
only be charged N20.

(4) Call 444: This is a dedicated line for glo mobile internet
subscription queries. Please note that you are to call this help line
from the glo line with internet subscription issues. This service is
free of charge.

(5) Call 161: This is for all those seeking more information about the Nigeria Telecommunications Commission's directive for sim registration. This help desk provides the necessary useful tips to go about it for glo subscribers.

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